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What is the process of apply/join a Chinese airlines?

Date: 2015-06-05 00:57Source: Pilot Jobs Editor: Bluesky Aviation Click: times

1.Prepare your CV and profiles
1)    Application Form of XX airlines
2)    Passport with photo page
3)    ATPL with ICAO level mark(or ICAO certificate)
4)    First class medical certificate
5)    Last 3 pages (both sides) of the logbook
6)    Proficiency check record/ Recurrent training certificate
7) Flight Time Certificated opened by your company and admitted by your local aviation authority
2.     Prepare for the screening.
The screening contains the ATPL TEST (read the test pools before the due date carefully, and we are sure you will pass),medical examination(see above, follow strictly) and simulator check(the most critical part without second chance normally.)

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