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S.F. Airlines B737/B757/B767 Captains Recruitment

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Item Residence Commuting
Basic Monthly Salary ≈13,670 USD(after tax) ≈13,670 USD(after tax)
Overtime pay(>50h) 360 USD/h
Per Diem 810 USD 810 USD
Housing Allowance 1,630 USD(reimbursement) 1,300 USD(reimbursement)
Transportation Allowance 570 USD(reimbursement) 570 USD(reimbursement)
Education Allowance 1500 USD(paid in salary after tax) or 1630 USD for reimbursement             /
Seniority Pay Increase by 200USD/month/year of Service subject to the terms of the increment, up to 15 years
Monthly Income≈ ≈18,180 USD ≈16,350 USD
Annual Ticket Allowance 11,400USD
Insurance For pilot: 8,140 USD(reimbursement) Include: Allowance for Medical Insurance and Loss of License Insurance, Life Insurance provided
For family’s medical insurance: 815 USD/person/year, up to 1630 USD/year
Only for pilot: 8,140USD(reimbursement) Include: Allowance for Medical Insurance and Loss of License Insurance, Life Insurance provided
Annual Bonus 7320 USD(after tax) 7320 USD(after tax)
Days off 4 consecutive days per month 10 days per month(back to back option is available for application); 4 weeks on 2 weeks off
Annual leave 25 days No more AL as the AL being
Integrated into the program.
Sick leave Up to 10 days/year with Basic Salary
Annual Salary Package 245,020 USD 223,060 USD
Contract Completion Bonus Up to 29,400USD( after tax)

1, Large aircraft captain, above 45, captain experience time above 500 hours

2, Holding CPL and ATPL etc.

3, Holding Class I medical certificate or can reach to Class I medical standard;

4, ICAO english level III (inclusive) and above;

5, Captain with B737/B757/B767 type flight experience is  preferred;

6, With Civil Aviation flight experience, No criminal history;

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