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Shenzhen Airlines A320&B737NG Captains Recruitment

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T & C A320/B737  Captain
Work Modes Non-Commuter 90 Days off Commuters 120 Days off
Contract Terms 3years ,renewable
Annual Payment 219,600USD 174,733USD 156,933USD
Monthly Payment 15,700 USD 13,200 USD 11,800 USD
Education Allowance 1,100 USD - -
Contract Completion Bonus 30,000 USD 25,000 USD 22,000 USD
Annual Ticket Allowance 8,000 USD
Annual leave 30days - -
Sick leave 7days - -
Ticket Benefit 6 free standby domestic round tickets in Shenzhen Airlines routes; Unlimited ID75 travel in Shenzhen Airlines routes
Annual Loyalty Bonus 12,000USD/year from the 4th year 10,000USD/year from the 4th year 9,000USD/year from the 4th year
Insurance License Lost Insurance provided by Shenzhen airlines

Excellent Terms On Offer:
1) Local Contract -$177,400 USD/year
* Annual payment: approximate $177,400 USD/year
* Base salary: $12,450 USD/month (net)
* Training completion bonus: maximum $5,000 USD
* Travel Allowance: $8,000 USD/year
* Children education allowance: $1,000 USD/month
* Annual Bonus: $6,000 USD (1st year), $8,000 USD (2nd year), $10,000 USD (3rd+ year)
* Hard days off: at least 8 days per month (average is around 10-12 per month)
* Paid annual leave: 30 days
* Annual paid sick leave: 7 days
* Insurance:Local China health insurance provided by Shenzhen Airlines
* Available change to commuting contract once per contract term and/or at renewal
* Renew benefit (from the 4th year)
1. $12,000 USD/year extra annual loyalty bonus
2. Special benefit (choose one out of three)
- Extra $700 USD/month education fee
- Extra 7 days annual leave
- 5 consecutive days off/month
2) Commuting Contract - 70 days on and 20 days off every 90 days available
For more information, please contact us.

Minimum Requirements:
* 3000+ hours total time
* 500+ hours PIC on type
* Current on type within 15 months
* Valid/current ATPL issued from a country that has diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China
* Valid passport issued by a country that has diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China
* Valid/current Class A (First Class) Medical
* No history of incidents or accidents.
* ICAO Level 4 (or equivalent) language proficiency
* No criminal history.
* No limitations on type rating
* Maximum age 55

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