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Bluesky Aviation Co. Ltd.

    What we Bluesky provide is not only reliable and good resources, but also high-quality services and communication; with rich experience and good network with Chinese airlines and CAAC, we promise you not only the agency service, but also successful and high-efficiency services;
    From your screening to your future life in China, we promise you we will be with you all the time, what you need is our need;


  • Hotline: +86.18882883888
  • QQ: 88099255
  • Website: www.pilotjobs.cn
  • Email: pilot@aero.cn

We are looking for captains to fly for Airlines in China (Please email us immediately!)

  • Hainan Airlines,A320 Captains Recruitment,B787 Captains Recruitment
  • Hainan Airlines,A320 Captains,20000USD/Month,250000USD/Year
  • A320 Captains Recruitment,Donghai Airlines
  • 240000USD/Year,18000USD/Month,Tianjin Airlines,A320 Captains
  • B737NG Captains Recruitment,9 Air Co.Ltd
  • B737NG Captains,Guangzhou,9 Air Co.Ltd.,220000USD/Year,large demand,20000USD/Month
  • A320 Captains Recruitment,Xiamen Airlines
  • 250000USD/Year,Xiamen Airlines,A320 Captains,16000USD/Month
  • A320 Captains Recruitment,B737NG Captains Recruitment
  • A320 Captains,B737NG Captains,Shenzhen Airlines,177400USD/Year
  • A320 Captains Recruitment,Juneyao Air
  • 240000USD/Year,18000USD/Month,A320 Captains,Juneyao Air
  • B737NG Captains Recruitment,Lucky Air,A320 Captains Recruitment
  • B737NG Captains,250000USD/Year,18000USD/Month,A320Captains
  • B777 Captains Recruitment,China Southern Airlines
  • 220000USD/Year,18000USD/Month,China Southern Airlines,B777 Captains
  • B737 Captains Recruitment,Fuzhou Airlines
  • 260000USD/Year,18000USD/Month,Fuzhou Airlines,B737 Captains
  • B737 Captains Recruitment,S.F. Airlines,B757 Captains Recruitment,B767 Captains Recruitment
  • 18000USD/Month,240000USD/Month,S.F. Airlines,B767 Captains,B757 Captains,B737 Captains
  • A320 Captains Recruitment,Spring Airlines
  • A320 Captains,Spring Airlines,18000USD/Month,270000USD/Year
  • A320 Captains Recruitment,Chengdu Airlines
  • Chengdu Airlines,A320 Captains,18000USD/Month,250000USD/Year
  • B738 Captains Recruitment,Donghai Airlines
  • Donghai Airlines,15000USD/Month,B738 Captains,210000USD/Year
  • A320 Captains Recruitment,Beijing Capital Airlines
  • 270000USD/Year,19000USD/Month,A320 Captains,Beijing Capital Airlines
  • Sichuan Airlines,A320 Captains Recruitment
  • Sichuan Airlines,A320 Captains,18000USD/Month,260000USD/Year
  • A320 Captains Recruitment,China West Air
  • 250000USD/Year,18000USD/Month,A320 Captains,China West Air