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Chengdu Airlines A320 Captains Recruitment

Date: 2015-06-05 00:09Source: Pilot Jobs Editor: Bluesky Aviation Click: times


Conditions Resident
with 30 days annual leave
with 45 days annual leave
6 weeks on 2 weeks off/92 days annual leave 6 weeks on 4 weeks off 4 weeks on 4 weeks off
Basic Monthly Salary 22,500 USD
Block Hours 80 H/M
Housing Allowance 500 USD/M
Travel Allowance 500 USD/M
Overtime Pay 220 USD/H 200 USD/H 180 USD/H 170 USD/H 160 USD/H
Travel Benefits Pilot and family: 10 free flights per year on Chengdu Airlines
Pilot: Unlimited travel as a crew member on Chengdu Airlines
Yearly Income (Excluding the contract completion bonus) 282,000 USD 270,000 USD 234,000 USD 192,000 USD 168,000 USD
Contract Completion Bonus 36,000 USD 

1, Large aircraft captain, above 45, captain experience time above 500 hours

2, Holding CPL and ATPL etc.

3, Holding Class I medical certificate or can reach to Class I medical standard;

4, ICAO english level III (inclusive) and above;

5, Captain with A320 type flight experience is  preferred;

6, With Civil Aviation flight experience, No criminal history;

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