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West Air A320 Captains Recruitment

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Working Mode 21 days on/7 days off plus 15 days annual leave 42 days on/21 days off with no annual leave 10 days off with no annual leave 15 days on 15 days off (back to back option is available for application)
Contract Term 3 years, renewable
Monthly Salary 18,000 USD 16,600 USD 16,600 USD 13,500 USD
Overtime Pay 330 USD/H 264 USD/H 264 USD/H 200 USD/H
Block Hours 80h 75h 75h 67h
Travel Allowance 10,000 USD/Year
Sick Leave 7 days
Ticket Benefit Unlimited jump-to-seat on West Air and Hainan Airlines
domestic routes for pilots;
Unlimited ID 75 standby tickets on West Air and Hainan Airline flight for pilots and their family member ( unconfirmed tickets, economy class);
Safety Bonus 10,000 USD every 12 months without incident/accident; In
In the case of one incident occurring, there will be a 50% reduction in safety bonus; Two incidents or accident in no safety pay.
Annual Bonus 8,000 USD (1st year) ; 12,000 USD (2nd year) ; 15,000 USD (3rd year)
Yearly Income 244,000 USD(1st year);
248,000 USD (2nd year);
251,000 USD(3rd year)
227,200 USD (1st year);
231,200 USD (2nd year);
234,200 USD (3rd year)
227,200 USD (1st year);
231,200 USD (2nd  year);
234,200 USD (3rd year)
190,000 USD (1st year);
194,000 USD (2nd year);
197,000 USD (3rd year)
Contract  Renewal
Renew 3 years:             180,000RMB/Year≈
Renew 6 years:
Renew 3 years:                                   160,000RMB/Year≈ 25,610USD/Year
Renew 6 years:
Renew 3 years:   160,000RMB/Year≈
Renew 6 years:
Renew 3 years: 140,000RMB/Year≈
Renew 6 years:
25,610 USD/Year 

1, Large aircraft captain, above 45, captain experience time above 500 hours

2, Holding CPL and ATPL etc.

3, Holding Class I medical certificate or can reach to Class I medical standard;

4, ICAO english level III (inclusive) and above;

5, Captain with A320 type flight experience is  preferred;

6, With Civil Aviation flight experience, No criminal history;

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